Prahran Park is the bedrock of Streetball in Australia. The outdoor court with painted lines and commission housing as its backdrop has been the hope for many emerging basketball players in Melbourne.


Many young basketball players travel to Prahran Park to test their talents. Big plays are celebrated instantly with an explosion of reactions and light fouls are brushed off. It has developed players character and skin allowing the rise of players like Deng Adel (NBA), Kuany Kuany (NBL) and Ben Ayre (NBL).


Along the concrete sidelines holds the infamous skate ramp, where skaters and ballers collide. Prahran’s emerging culture has given rise to the Biggest Streetball Championship – The Prahran Summer Jam.


It’s hosted Streetball Legends like Corey “Homicide” Williams, the Professor, Bone Collector, Alimoe, Guy Dupuy, Jordan Kilganon and NBL legends like Dmac and Lanard Copeland. Its has become a globally recognised destination for Streetball with Prahran Summer Jam being the centre stage for the new wave of athletes.


Australia’s premier Streetball tournament with Live Music, Artists, DJs, MCs & Barbers.

The Prahran Summer Jam is a high grade invitational streetball tournament held at Princes Park, Prahran. The aim is to create an absolute point of difference, by incorporating high level basketball, design and music benchmarked against the world’s best streetball competitions. Over $15,000 of cash and prizes to be won.

PSJ2020 Dates have been announced. PSJ2020 will take place on 8th – 9th Feb, 2020 @ Prahran Park, Melbourne. Co-hosted with MSF Sports.

Limited open spots! Register for the St Kilda Open Run (SUN DEC 8 2019) or Prahran Open Run (SUN JAN 19 2020) to qualify for PSJ2020.