Sunday 8th Dec 2019

Sunday 1st Dec 2019 


(St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia)

The local tournament that allows amateur teams to advance to the Prahran Summer Jam.

There is a BBQ, beats, drinks and a 3×3 court so bring your friends and kick it with the players.


Registration fee: $250

Maximum teams: 8

Game Rules

Games will be two 8-minute halves, with a shot clock (Referee’s will count 5 secs left). Clock doesn’t stop.

Shots taken inside the 3-point line will be worth 1 point, and any shot taken behind the 3-point arc will be worth 2. If there is a foul on the shot inside the 3-point line, the player will have one free-throw shot. If there is a foul on the shot outside the 3-point line, the player will have two free-throw shots.

The And1 rule. If you are fouled during a shot and make the basket, there is no And1. Your team will receive the ball back for another possession.

Whoever wins at the end of regulation gains 3 points. Losing team will only receive 1 point. If teams are tied at the end of the round, it will go down to percentage.

If the games are a draw at the end of regulation, 2 minutes of overtime will be played. Players must be registered prior to the start of the tournament.


Referees will be there on the day so please respect what they say.

All game rules, which are not declared above are determined in FIBA Rules of the game.

Team Registration

Team registration is closed!